Doing Business With Us

Required Documents & Information


Consent Form PDF

This form MUST be completed to process your application. Without this form, your terms are likely to be COD-Cash.

KY State Cert PDF

Required for Kentucky Dealers

eCheck Form PDF

This form MUST be completed if you are a new dealer, or if you want eCheck terms. Without this form your terms are likely to be COD-Cash.

Email Store Photos

Include your Store Name in the body and/or subject line when you send photos or we will not know who the photos belong with.

Application (Online)

Online is the Preferred Method.
Don't forget to complete the Consent and eCheck forms, and send photos.

Application (Paper)

If you would rather print and fax or email your application click the  "Application (Paper) Download" button above for a printable pdf of the dealer application. DO NOT print and send in the website application pages. Additionally, banks will not accept "digital" signatures, you MUST physically sign the consent and eCheck forms

Important Information

To become a dealer, please review the information provided on this page. Then complete the appropriate forms, and submit them online, via email, or fax (DO NOT fax store photos).

Letter to Dealers

If you want to set your store apart by having the new items first or the hard-to-find products, Pitman Creek Wholesale is your source.

Sales Policy

Pitman Creek Wholesale looks for partners who maintain the same high standards we hold ourselves to.  Learn more about our Sales Policy.

In a Hurry?

Save time by making sure you follow these guidelines so that your application can be processed as quickly as possible.


Re-Opening An Inactive Account

Did you have an account with PCW in the past? Would you like to re-open your account with us? These are the most common forms needed to re-open your account.

eCheck Form PDF

Request New Terms

Please note that we may require additional information before re-opening your account and filling out these forms does not guarantee we will re-open the account.
If you do not have Acrobat Reader on your computer, please download it to open pdf documents. It is a FREE program from a trusted company, and it will ensure you see and print the documents correctly.