Dealer Application


Shipping Address

Foreign accounts: This MUST be a USA address/Shipping Hub.

Mailing Address

Owner / Partners / Officers

Bank Reference

Trade Reference 1

Trade Reference 2

Trade Reference 3

Payment Information

The terms you choose will determine the speed at which the application is processed.

Getting To Know You

Upload Store Photos

If you are able to upload the following files your application will progress more swiftly. If not, the photos may be emailed to and the forms may be faxed or emailed. f. 859-439-2060

Required Forms

Signatures MUST be hand-signed by the person who owns the bank account for the bank reference provided. Signatures completed digitally will not be accepted.

Consent Form PDF

Required for all applicants.

eCheck Form PDF

Required for new dealers.

KY State Cert PDF

Required for Kentucky Dealers

Credit Card Approval PDF

Required for Kentucky Dealers