Orders may be placed...
Online: your "welcome letter" email will have your username and password to access the site's catalog.
by E-mail: your "welcome letter" email should come to you from your sales rep; all sales reps' emails can be found here.
by Fax: 859-439-2060  (Download Form)
by Phone: 859-439-2001 (or call your sales rep's direct line, see your "welcome letter" email)
by Snail Mail: P.O.Box 327 | Hustonville, KY 40437
Our process is "fill-and-kill" we do not keep records of backordered products. 
If you really want to keep your back orders, you'll need to let your sales rep know. 
Our website does not allocate (reserve) the products put into your cart. Parts are only allocated once the order is "put out" to the warehouse to be picked. By then, we could have more or less of each product in stock.
This process allows us to provide faster service to you, because products are not being "held" in online carts for days.
You will only be invoiced for product we ship to you.
Yes and No.
NOTICE: We process orders VERY quickly, chances are high that your order will be sent to the warehouse for picking within 5 to 10 minutes of submitting it online. If you think you may want to add to an order, please communicate this in the special notes section at checkout. 
If your order has not been "put out" to the warehouse to be picked, then yes, you can add to your order.
If your order has been "put out" to the warehouse to be picked, then no. The "add" will be treated as a new order and will need to meet all freight policies on its own.