2nd Annual Pitman Creek Cup

54 boats were paired with dealers and manufacturers and a good time was had by all.

3rd Place

Michael Neal (Cashion Rods)
Matt Prichard (Prichard Outdoors in Grayson KY)

2nd Place

Crispin Pawley (Strike King)
Jack Watkins (Leisure Time Outdoors from Swansea IL)

1st Place

David Mullins (Doomsday Tackle)
Waylon Wheelis (Taterbugs Sporting Goods in Farmerville LA) with 16.63 lbs.

Thanks to all the dealers, vendors, and pros who participated. We hope to see you again next year!

Pitman Creek Hosts Fall Show, Announces Award Winners

Ken Duke (FTR)

Sevierville, Tenn. — We all want to fish, have fun and do good business. The Pitman Creek Wholesale 24th Annual Fall Dealer Show, Oct. 9-11, made all three things happen earlier this week.

The festivities started with a 54-boat industry bass tournament won by Bassmaster Elite Series pro David Mullins (Doomsday Tackle) and his dealer partner, Waylon Wheelis of Taterbugs Sporting Goods in Farmersville, Louisiana. Second place went to Crispin Pawley (Strike King) and Jack Watkins of Leisure Time Outdoors in Swansea, Illinois. Third place was Michael Neal (Cashion Rods) and Matt Prichard of Prichard Outdoors in Grayson, Kentucky. There was even a poker tournament on Monday night that was won by FLW Tour pro Scott Canterbury.

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Doug Renfroe-Brent Patrick Rep of the Year

Steve Riley (Shimano/Sportco)

Marty McDonough (RDO/Eagle Claw)

President's Award

Chris Baxter (Zoom)

It is with heavy hearts we say goodbye to last year's President's Award winner, Doug Renfroe, who lost his battle with cancer in February 2016. Doug, we all miss you.

PCW would like to thank the vendors who brought Pro Fishermen and boats to our show, and say a special Thank You to the pros who came. We really enjoy your company and insights. We trust you had a good time and hope to see you again next year.

Debbie Cheatwood, Wally Marshall, David Cheatwood

Logan Bowman, James Watson, Bobby Dennis

Colton Jennings, Ralph Miracle

John Crews, Grant Holman, Cory Holman

Tracy Adams, Larry Cupper

Scott Canterbury, Doug Tingler

, Will Stewart

Brooks Woodward, Jerry Pate

Greg Vinson, Brad Taylor

Brock Mosley,

Matt Jesse, Mark Menendez

Dave Havorice, Brad Coovert

Jerry Pate, Brian Latimer

Nick Young, Wil Hardy

Michael Neal, Gary Ball

Donna Jesse, David Mullins

Logan Bowman, Jimmy Mason

Clent Davis, Dan Blackert

Phillip Howard, Drew Sadler

Logan Bowman, RJ Williams, Billy, Jack

Rick Clunn, Ed Hagler, Kyler Hagler

Wally Marshall

Charlie Evans

Charlie Evans, Drayden Murdock

If you missed this year's show, you missed the best one yet. Over 100 manufacturers were in attendance being represented in 74 booths. Vendors brought a least 25 professional fishermen with them including some big names in the industry. The fishing Tournament was a huge success with 54 boats participating. Congrats to the winners!

Best of Show prizes were awarded in 8 categories and presented at each vendor's booth by editor of FTR magazine, Ken Duke. It was a wonderful experience to have Ken at our show, and we hope to see him back next year.

We also hope to see you at our 25th Annual Fall Show to celebrate a quarter century!