Computer Literacy Questionnaire

Please complete these questions to the best of your ability. All fields require an answer, if you do not know an answer put "I don't know" in the field.

* Applicant Name:
* Applicant email:
* Applicant Phone #:
* Excel - List 3 or more ways to open the Excel program.:
* Excel - List 2 or more ways to open an Excel file.:
* Excel - List 1 or more way to perform each of the following actions. - Cut:
* Excel 3 - Copy:
* Excel 3 - Paste:
* Excel 3 - Save:
* Excel 3 - Close Window:
* Excel 3 - Undo:
* Excel - Explain how to paste the values of a cell without pasting the formula used to create the value.:
* Outlook - You have an email with an attachment from someone. You want to email it to someone else with changes to the email's text. Explain how to accomplish this.:
* General Computer Knowledge - List 1 or more way to create a new file from a template file.: