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October 16th_17th, 2017

3rd Annual Pitman Creek Cup: a FREE dealer/vendor team tournament on the 15th

Sevierville, TN at The Convention Center

Make plans now to attend our 25th Annual Dealer Show

This is a great opportunity to stock up and save with great deals. See the new products for 2018, meet factory representatives from the industry's leading manufacturers, and meet the PCW staff.

The Annual Show is open to PCW Dealers only.

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2nd Annual Pitman Creek Cup

54 boats were paired with dealers and manufactures and a good time was had by all.

3rd Place

Michael Neal (Cashion Rods) 
Matt Prichard (Prichard Outdoors in Grayson KY)

2nd Place

Crispin Pawley (Strike King) 
Jack Watkins (Leisure Time Outdoors from Swansea IL)

1st Place

David Mullins (Doomsday Tackle) 
Waylon Wheelis (Taterbugs Sporting Goods in Farmerville LA) with 16.63 lbs.

Thanks to all the dealers, vendors, and pros who participated. We hope to see you again next year!

PCW would like to thank the vendors who brought Pro Fishermen and boats to our show, and say a special Thank You to the pros who came. We really enjoy your company and insights. We trust you had a good time and hope to see you again next year.

Debbie Cheatwood, Wally Marshall, David Cheatwood

Logan Bowman, James Watson, Bobby Dennis

Colton Jennings, Ralph Miracle

John Crews, Grant Holman, Cory Holman

Tracy Adams, Larry Cupper

Scott Canterbury, Doug Tingler

Andrea Evans, Will Stewart

Brooks Woodward, Jerry Pate

Greg Vinson, Brad Taylor

Brock Mosley,

Matt Jesse, Mark Menendez

Dave Havorice, Brad Coovert

Jerry Pate, Brian Latimer

Nick Young, Wil Hardy

Michael Neal, Gary Ball

Donna Jesse, David Mullins

Logan Bowman, Jimmy Mason

Clent Davis, Dan Blackert

Phillip Howard, Drew Sadler

Logan Bowman, RJ Williams, Billy, Jack

Rick Clunn, Ed Hagler, Kyler Hagler

Wally Marshall

Charlie Evans

Charlie Evans, Drayden Murdock